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Oceanworks does much more than supply high quality, consistent raw materials. In order for production to meet the technical and aesthetic requirements assigned to the product, new or revised processes may need to be made.

Brands often currently purchase directly from their suppliers, but want those purchases to now be made of ocean plastic. Oceanworks can work with those suppliers to revise the specification and production files for the best outcome, enabling the supplier to add a new SKU for the brand to purchase.

In other cases, brands might wish a completely custom special make up. Oceanworks has years of experience working with global and boutique brands in the design and engineering of both soft goods and hard goods products. Our manufacturing relationships and knowledge span 25 years and around the world.

We can help envision a new product or navigate a revision of an existing one so a brand does not have to change their processes to specify recycled ocean plastic.

  • Technical Consulting
  • Engineering and design for performance and circularity
  • Manufacturing coordination and support with Nominated Suppliers
  • Full turn-key product development of new products
  • Communication and marketing advisement