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Oceanworks mission is to remove the tons of plastic currently polluting our oceans and repurpose that global resource. Working directly with consumer brands, we source, design and manufacture verified ocean plastic into finished products, replacing virgin plastic with recycled and removing it from its path to the ocean.


We work with brands in numerous ways, fitting into your existing team or becoming your team, working with nominated suppliers or helping you find new ones. Whether you simply need to tweak and existing product to optimize for an ocean plastic material change, or you need complete innovation for a statement product, we can help you make it happen.

Shore to Shelf Monitoring
Oceanworks monitors the complete chain of custody, providing assurance of authenticity.

Oceanworks works to enable brands to easily tell the sustainability story of products using ocean plastic.

We work with brands to develop a strategic roadmap for incorporating ocean plastic into product lines.

New Product Innovation  
Our dedicated design team can drive product innovation specific to ocean plastic material

Existing Product Integration  
We refine existing product lines for ocean plastic, enable circularity and optimize manufacturing.

Custom Supply Chains
Supply chain development includes qualifying nominated suppliers, quality control and reporting.

Ocean Plastic is an abundant “stranded resource” that is well-suited for many products. Specifying Ocean Plastic instead of virgin or blended materials can make a real difference to our world’s coastlines and waterways. We de-risk the use of ocean plastic, ensuring that it is authentic and that it meets the functional and durable material requirements of any product it is used to produce.

Product Applications

We can help incorporate Ocean Plastic intimacy different types of products and collections, including but not limited to:

Apparel, Footwear & Bag Trims
From buttons to zipper pulls to eyelets and more, we can help you specify ocean plastics and can also work with you or directly with your factory for ( SMU ) special make-up design to maintain fashion consistently or achieve unique accents.

Eyewear & Accessories
One of our early projects using Ocean Plastic was with the successful eyewear brand Norton Point, proving that consumers are making sustainable purchase decisions. Our staff of designers have years of experience designing eyewear collections and working with factories to achieve the unique function/fit requirements in the eyewear industry.

Containers & Bottles
Large storage containers, small bottles, beach buckets and everything in between, appropriate ocean plastic materials are strong, leach-proof, and a perfect material for this use.

Ocean plastic HDPE is extremely lightweight yet very strong, making it the perfect material for coolers. It is easily blow-molded into almost any shape, is leach-proof and mold-resistant.

Outdoor Furniture, Walls & Barriers
The right ocean plastic can be molded into large shapes. HDPE, for example, has strength without weight and is perfect for outdoor applications, and it is UV-resistant, keeping it’s color long after other materials have faded.