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Oceanworks uses 100% recycled ocean plastic.

Our first ocean plastic material is HDPE, a durable plastic great for many different product categories. Our HDPE is currently collected in Haiti and Mexico, and we are working to partner with additional collections and waste management experts around the world to increase the positive impact of our coastlines. We will be bringing new types of ocean plastics online continuously and can help source and develop material to your product specifications.

We partner not only with consumer brands, but non-profits, government agencies and other plastics suppliers. Our primary goal is to help brands to replace virgin plastics with recycled 100% ocean plastics, helping both people and planet every time it is specified in products.  

We ensure the quality of any material we work with through a number of factors, including material purity, collection site, ethical trade practices and a transparent supply chain. 

  • 100% recycled ocean plastic

  • Ethically harvested from Haiti and Mexico by qualified partners local to those areas. We are interested in working with new partners and collection sites around the world.

  • Transparent supply chain from shore to shelf to ensure product and social ethical standards.

  • Cleaning up waterways to improve the health of both people and planet

Product Applications

Ocean Plastic is well-suited for many products, including but not limited to:

Apparel, Footwear & Bag Trims
From buttons to zipper pulls to eyelets and more, we can help you specify Ocean Plastic and can also work with you or directly with your factory for ( SMU ) special make-up design to maintain fashion consistently or achieve unique accents.

Eyewear & Accessories
One of our early projects using Ocean Plastic was with the successful eyewear brand Norton Point, proving that consumers are making sustainable purchase decisions. Our staff of designers have years of experience designing eyewear collections and working with factories to achieve the unique function/fit requirements in the eyewear industry.

Containers & Bottles
Large storage containers, small bottles, beach buckets and everything in between, Ocean Plastic is strong, leach-proof, and a perfect material for this use.

Ocean Plastic HDPE is extremely lightweight yet very strong, making it the perfect material for coolers. It is easily blow-molded into almost any shape, is leach-proof and resistant to mold and rot.

Outdoor Furniture, Walls & Barriers
Ocean Plastic HDPE is easily molded into almost any shape. It’s strength without weight is perfect for outdoor applications, and it is UV-resistant, keeping it’s color long after other materials have faded.

Meet Your Sustainability Goals

Specifying Ocean Plastic instead of virgin or blended materials can make a real difference to our world’s coastlines and waterways.

Are you interested in ocean plastic but not sure what properties your product requires? We can help specify HDPE as well as other 100% ocean plastic materials such as PET or Nylons, depending on your requirements. We are materials experts for product design and manufacturing, so our benefit lies well beyond the material specification, as we can help guide the design and final engineering to maximize production quality and efficiency. We can work with a brand’s design team, or we can be your design team. We can be the liaison to the distributor, manufacturer or engineers. Just let us know your goal and we will help make it happen.

Documented from Shore to Shelf

Transparent Supply Chain: Our supply chain gathers millions of pounds of ocean plastic to be manufactured into long lifespan products. We collect plastic in many locations where there are no substantial financial opportunities available. Our mission is to create meaningful employment and positive local impact in these communities.

After collection, the material is separated, bundled and sent to our recycling partner. The material is cleaned and recycled/ground into pellets, with each batch being documented as to it’s material and original location and supplier. We only work with qualified manufacturing partners, and we help brands to properly label the final product with it’s material, collection location and date. The supply chain is thus documented from it’s original collection point to the store shelf

Tap Our Expertise

At Oceanworks, we work with global companies and boutique brands to specify 100% Ocean Plastic in appropriate products. We have designers and engineers on staff who have years of experience getting a product from concept to completion and onto the retail shelf. With Oceanworks, you are not just purchasing the raw material, you are receiving guidance from the top in the field, designing or refining product files to most efficiently and effective use of Ocean Plastic.

We have deep long-term relationships with qualified manufacturers and are very experienced working directly with brand-nominated suppliers. We can take your product requirements and seamlessly turn them into a finished production run working with your team or directly with factories.