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At Oceanworks we aim to remove existing ocean plastic and stop the flow of new plastic into the oceans to support a long-term goal of a plastic free ocean.

We are leading the effort to connect the business community with verified sources of ocean plastic material around the world. Together, with marketplace members, we are working to remove 2 million tons of ocean plastic and transform it into sustainable products.


We are committed to building a transparent and ethical marketplace. We believe this is critical for maintaining the highest quality and best value in the marketplace and building consumer confidence in the OCEANSMADE™ mark.

What it means to the Oceanworks Marketplace

  • Collection – Care and compassion for those collecting and audits to ensure raw material meets our Verification Standards.
  • Processing & Production-Detailed ledgers to trace each batch of material from the source through to the final product.
  • Brands & Consumers –Direct access to the origin story and ocean impact via the OCEANSMADE™ mark.


Our code-of-conduct promotes ethical and sustainable sourcing and helps keep OCEANSMADE™ products from returning to the ocean.

  • Design for Circularity – We promote cradle-to-cradle® principles and work with our partners to enhance the capabilities of OCEANSMADE™ products to be recycled.
  • Labor Conditions – We support the fair labor movement and as a part of our Member qualification process we review audit documentation for safe workplace environment.
  • Environmental Impact – We aim to avoid environmental externalities and as a part of our Member qualification process we review audit documentation for environmental footprint.
  • Chain-of-Custody – We require Members to utilize transfer certificates for all verified ocean plastic material and store material properly to avoid cross-contamination.

Ready to clean up the Ocean?