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Our supply chain gathers millions of pounds of ocean plastic that is perfect for manufacturing durable, sustainable products. Oceanworks tests and documents every batch of plastic we use, verifying its provenance as well as its material composition.

Building upon decades of manufacturing across the globe, we have strong relationships with qualified partners to document what materials are being harvested and how they were collected. We monitor a complete chain of custody from collection through final product, and ensure ocean plastic materials have properly made it into your end product.


We started in Haiti, home to upwards of 10 million people, many whom live far below the poverty and with very few sources of potable water. Most clean drinking water comes from plastic bottles and bags. With little waste management systems, the bottles and bags end up in the canals that empty directly into the ocean.

With qualified partners and collection sites, we are working throughout Haiti and have followed that model into Mexico. These collection sites are owned and run by entrepreneurs local to the area, and the plastic waste they collect is bought at fair labor rates. We are building relationships throughout Asia and the South Pacific as well.


Oceanworks is leading the way, committing to the use of 100% recycled ocean plastic rather than a mixed percentage with virgin or non-ocean recycled materials.

This commitment we make to ourselves, our community and our planet:

  • Working with harvesting sources that meet the definition of “ocean plastic,” created by Jenna Jambeck, PHD, University of Georgia.
  • Leading practices in transparent supply chain documentation.
  • Detailed attention to Cradle-to-Cradle principles.
  • Nominated supplier network of innovative vendors using best practices in sustainability.
  • Material source identification code system to promote supply chain transparency and to help steward reutilization.