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At Oceanworks our goal is to remove existing ocean plastic and stop the flow of new plastic into the oceans to support a long-term goal of a plastic free ocean.

Since 2016, we have led the effort to connect the business community with verified sources of ocean plastic material around the world. Together, with our Marketplace members, we are working to remove 2 million tons of ocean plastic and transform it into sustainable products.


We are committed to building a transparent and ethical marketplace. We believe this is critical for maintaining the highest quality products and bringing the best value to the the Marketplace providing confidence to consumers and members in the OceansMade™ mark.

What it means to the Oceanworks Marketplace

  • Collection – Care and compassion for those collecting with safe and audited working environments to protect those who need it most.
  • Processing & Production– Detailed ledgers with chain of custody certificates ensuring that raw material acquired from collectors meets the Oceanworks Verification Standard and each batch of material can be traced through to the final product.
  • Brands & Consumers – Direct access to the origin story and ocean impact of the product via the OceansMade™ mark on every product produced by Marketplace members.


  • Design for Circularity – To support our long-term goal of a plastic free ocean it is our hope that no OceansMade™ products will return to the ocean. How a product is designed will ultimately determine if it can be recycled, so we aim to provide Marketplace members with the tools and resources to understand the life cycle assessment of their products and design for circularity. We promote cradle-to-cradle® principles and aim to work with our partners to enhance the capabilities of OceansMade™ products to be recycled.
  • Labor Conditions – Oceanworks supports the fair labor movement and as a part of our qualification process we confirm that manufacturers in our marketplace meet the criteria of a number of certifying bodies.
  • Environmental Impact – Oceanworks aims to avoid environmental externalities in the production of OceansMade™ products and to support that effort we review audit documentation for environmental footprint as a part of supplier qualification.
  • Chain-of-Custody – Manufacturers are required to provide chain-of-custody certificate documentation for all material procured from the marketplace. We further require that ocean plastic material be stored properly and protected from cross contamination.

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