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The Oceanworks team is uniquely qualified to design and engineer products with new materials through our years of experience designing for brands and working with global manufacturers. This allows us to seamlessly mix in with partners to guide the use of ocean plastic in new product development. We are working with leading experts in ocean debris, technical expertise on polymers, and waste management.

Oceanworks was born out of Norton Point, an eyewear company that launched a line of ocean plastic sunglasses in 2016. funded on Kickstarter in just 6 days, the project raised awareness of ocean plastic worldwide and opened our eyes to the many disparate elements that need to be woven together to develop a product that truly makes a difference. Ultimately, this realization led us to found Oceanworks.


Rob Ianelli, Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Rob is a serial entrepreneur who has founded successful companies in the consumer product, marketing and sustainability industry. Passionate about pursuing market opportunities and transforming societal problems into compelling high-impact businesses, Rob has a keen understanding of how to create powerful results for customers, partners and the environment.

Aly Khalifa, Founder, Chief Innovation Officer
Aly is an influential design and engineering force in consumer products. For over 25 years, he has worked with global brands in sustainable design, outdoor gear, apparel, housewares and more. His focus on sustainability and heavy involvement in manufacturing has led to many breakthrough products and technologies in the mass market.

Vanessa Coleman, President, Chief Operations Officer
Vanessa is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and scaled ventures in the sustainable energy and water sectors. Her experience building high-growth, technology-driven product businesses positions her well to steer Oceanworks and our partners towards our goal of making meaningful impact on the ocean plastics challenge.

Brian Thurston, VPBusiness and Partner Development
Brian has extensive experience with Waste Management, the USA’s largest recycler, where he focused on innovation projects to create new value streams. This focus has led to insights for customized and scalable solutions to the challenge of ocean plastics.